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Mollaret's Meningitis Awareness Day Proclamation


What you can do

For our awareness campaign this year, we are asking for supporters of Mollaret's Meningitis to request this proclamation to be made by their governments.  For those in the US, you can find out how to contact your state here.

Once your government has approved your request, and sent you a copy of the proclamation, please post a picture of yourself with the proclamation and the hashtag #Proc4Mollarets and #[government]4Mollarets (In my case it would be #ID4Mollarets for Idaho, US; for the UK it could be #UK4Mollarets) on social media.

Thank you for helping us create awareness for Mollaret's Meningitis.

You can download a PDF version of the proclamation here.



  • Mollaret's Meningitis Association
  • USA, Idaho
Mollaret's Meningitis Association
USA, Idaho