Mollaret's Meningitis Association For a world free of Mollaret's Meningitis

Mollaret's Meningitis Association is a non-profit organization created by and for sufferers of Mollaret’s Meningitis.

Our goals are:

  1. To create a location where anyone who has, or believes they have, Mollaret's Meningitis can obtain quality information about this disease.
  2. Provide a place for support to those suffering from this disease.
  3. Provide outreach and advocacy to make this disease more known so we can eventually attract more research.

This site was started by a group of sufferers that found each other through a Facebook support group. We felt it necessary to begin advocating for our disease to eventually be able to obtain the funding to support research ourselves.

Thank you for visiting and we hope the information is useful to you.

Mollaret's Meningitis Association