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By: Michael | June 01, 2017

By Traci, Pelzer, SC, US

I have been battling this horrific disease for 16 years. I've had 6 episodes so far. I usually go 2-3 years between each occurrence.

Hopefully someone will find a cure for us.

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By: Michael | May 12, 2017

By Laura: San Marcos, TX

My first episode of meningitis was in 1980. I was 24 years old and was hospitalized for 10 days. I have had recurring meningitis at least 15 times. The first few times, I was hospitalized and spinal fluid was removed for a diagnosis. Each successive episode for 12 years was less severe than the one before. At the end of that period, I was able to just stay in bed for 2 days before I was better. 

I had a few years with no episodes, then it started up again with a 4 day hospitalization and then getting less and less severe. Each time I went to the hospital, I was told it was meningitis, but I could not possibly have gotten it so many times. 

My last episode was in 2010 and in a different city than any of t...

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By: Michael | May 05, 2017

Jessie suffers from a rare form of meningitis that means she can go months without symptoms and is prone to relapses
5th May 2017,10:11 am
Updated: 5th May 2017,11:56 am

JESSIE Calway is lucky to be alive after developing deadly meningitis twice in a year.
The dance student, now 21, was in the first year of her degree when she developed a bad headache in May 2015.

Dance student Jessie has been struck with meningitis twice

Her symptoms started out as a headache but she deteriorated within daysBut her headache quickly deteriorated into vomiting, vertigo and confusion and she was diagnosed with meningitis.

The University of Surrey student recovered only to be struck by the condition again in Jul...

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By: Michael | April 28, 2017

By Kami

Hello, I'm relieved to have found this site after a 15 year journey trying to figure out what's wrong with me.

I've had six hospitalizations for aseptic meningitis beginning in 1999. The last bout was two years ago and took me about six weeks to recover. Since then I have felt ill with various aches and pains, and lethargy but never related it back to the meningitis. I thought I had Lyme or toxic mold, or maybe I was just crazy. 

Because all the doctors I've seen had never heard of multiple meningitis cases, I received very little guidance or treatment plan. I have tried to avoid stress and nsaids, eat very clean, workout every day and meditate a lot- but that's about all I'm doing preventively. I'm very happy to have found this ...

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By: Michael | March 03, 2017

By Jodi

Hello to all of you who suffer with this terrible illness. My heart goes out to you, and I truly hope that my story will help put an end to all of your pain as I feel it did mine.

I was a normal, athletic, and healthy 44 year old woman until one day when I got sick with what I thought was the flu. When I was still sick some two weeks later my doctor sent me to the hospital where I learned that I had spinal meningitis. For the first few days they put me on an antibiotic drip fearing that it might be bacterial meningitis, but when my culture came back as viral meningitis they released me from the hospital and told me that I just needed to rest and let it run its course , and I'd be better soon.

Well I did get better, but then a few day...

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