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By: Michael | July 21, 2017

By Cathy - Holly, MI

In 1995 I woke in the morning with Bell's Palsy (the right side of my face was paralyzed). Two days later I was hospitalized with meningitis. I am just recovering from my 16th episode in 22 years. Some years I get it twice, but I have also gone 4 or 5 years without getting it. With each episode I require IV pain meds (typically morphine) to get the pain under control, so it requires a trip to the hospital. I have had 10 spinal taps and refuse to have another. The most frustrating part, besides losing a month of my life with each episode, is that the doctors don't believe that I've had meningitis 16 times and think it's just a migraine headache since I won't allow a tap. I am so grateful to this organization for attemptin...

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By: Michael | July 07, 2017

By Teresa

I was taken to the hospital September 5, 2001 from work. My boss called my husband and told him I was talking backwards and just not acting right. I had been having a headache for three days at this point. 

On Aug, 28, 2001 I was bitten by a dog that had no shots. In July we went on vacation to a lake. So My wonderful Dr I is thinking I contacted something at the lake and when the dog bit me that trigger it all. Thank you dog. 

It's been 17 years with 4 flare up. I was in a coma. Doctors never thought I would make it. The Epilepsy is battle too . I have that from scar tissue in my brain now. I have brain damage. It's an everyday battle. But God is good.

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By: Michael | June 27, 2017

We were saddened to hear about the loss of Vince Bossi, a member of our Mollaret's Meningitis community, recently. He was battling the varicella-zoster virus and Mollaret's meningitis.  You can read more about his struggle with this disease at the links below, as well as his obituary.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Vince's friends and family in their time of loss.

By: Michael | June 01, 2017

By Traci, Pelzer, SC, US

I have been battling this horrific disease for 16 years. I've had 6 episodes so far. I usually go 2-3 years between each occurrence.

Hopefully someone will find a cure for us.

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By: Michael | May 12, 2017

By Laura: San Marcos, TX

My first episode of meningitis was in 1980. I was 24 years old and was hospitalized for 10 days. I have had recurring meningitis at least 15 times. The first few times, I was hospitalized and spinal fluid was removed for a diagnosis. Each successive episode for 12 years was less severe than the one before. At the end of that period, I was able to just stay in bed for 2 days before I was better. 

I had a few years with no episodes, then it started up again with a 4 day hospitalization and then getting less and less severe. Each time I went to the hospital, I was told it was meningitis, but I could not possibly have gotten it so many times. 

My last episode was in 2010 and in a different city than any of t...

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